2016 Scholarship Application now available

Troy Campbell Volleyball College Scholarship

Year you graduated 2015: _Y/N


Name ________________________________ Date: _________________________


Phone#___________________________Cell# __________________________

Email address# ________________________________________________________

Applicants must have played with BRVC Inc. two of their last three years in high school to be eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship is for $500.

How long have you played with BRVC, Inc.______________

Year Played with Bragging Rights Volleyball/ Coach (list no more than three)

Year _____, Coach__________________

Year _____, Coach__________________

Year _____, Coach__________________

Year_____, Coach __________________

High School Attended:________________________________________

Yr Graduated High School _______   Class Ranking ______________ GPA___________________

If you need extra space, please attach separate paper.

List any High School Sports that you participated in:  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


List any clubs, groups, achievements or awards, received at school: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

List any organizations you belong to, community volunteer work, and any non school related activities you participated in. ___________________________________________________________________________________

I am attending ______________________________College this fall.      Major:_____________________

Short Essay (no more than 300 words)

What has belonging to BRVC Volleyball Inc. meant to you and how has it helped you to prepare for the future? ____________________________________________________________________________________


Eligibility: must have played for BRVC two of the last three years of high school. You must have graduated High School in 2015 to be eligible. The $500 Scholarship may be used for books and tuition at college. The application must be complete. Application deadline is June 15, 2015. Email the complete application to BRVC President John Houston at jjcorpus7@grandecom.net. 

*Applications will be reviewed by Troy Campbell and his designates that have no relation to BRVC Inc. hhe The selection is final.


BRVC supports Triumph over Kid Cancer Foundation 2016

The  BRVC organization has once again been honored to support the Triumph over Kid Cancer Foundation by donating to this great organization. This charity was started by Corpus Christi’s own, James Ragan was diagnosed with cancer in his mid teens and lost his battle to this disease by the time he hit 20. James started the Triumph Over Kid Cancer Foundation to help seek a cure for kids diagnosed with cancer. Please take the time to visit his organization website and support there efforts in any way you can.

Keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers:   http://triumphoverkidcancer.org

Clinics on Thurdays

Clinics will be held on Thursdays from 5:30-7:00 pm at the Ben Garza Gym. Cost per player will be 20.00 cash. We will be having clinics this week and next week for this year (due to Christmas and New Years falling on Thursdays this year). We will start clinics again in January. Again please check our facebook page or call one of our Clinics Coaches for questions. Thank you.


The BRVC is proud to announce the start of volleyball clinics for girls ages 10-14. These clinics will be held weekly throughout the season. This clinic schedule is posted under the Clinics and Private lessons tab. We will have two separate clinics based on turnout for ages 10-12 and 13-14’s. The cost will be $20 per person for 2 hours. Look forward to seeing you there.

– John Houston